Top Benefits of Pre-Booking Your Airport Transfer: Advice from Falak Transfers


Travelling requires a lot of meticulous planning and thorough research to make it a unique experience. The most anxious times are when you are trying to reach the airport on time to catch your flight and seeking reliable airport transfer service simultaneously while at the risk of sabotaging your flight completely. This on the spot struggle ends up ruining your trip, not allowing you to relax as intended.

However, to avoid these last minute runs it is advisable to work on some pre-planning which also includes pre-booking your airport transfer service. Taking this measure will relieve you to an extent since reaching upon the destination the service will be at your door without any delay.

5 Advantages of pre-booking transfer services for your next trip:

Explore the following 5 advantages that outweigh the expenses when it comes to pre-booking.

● Reliability and peace of mind

One of the biggest benefits which is also essential for you to have an enjoyable trip is lack of stress. Pre-booking allows you to relax and focus on more important aspects of your trip that you may have ignored otherwise.

When chores are done in advance and not within the rush of things you are more likely to be at ease without worrying to deal with airport traffic, lack of parking spots, and processing your luggage at the public airport since you will be arriving on time.

You are able to streamline your journey more smoothly and efficiently. We at Falak Transfer offer reliable Kibris transfer services that keep your worries of timings at bay.

● Safety and security

Your safety is something that shouldn’t be compromised in any way. When you opt for a taxi or vehicle on the spot without any prior booking or information, you are at the risk of compromising your safety and well-being.

This is due to lack of details of whether the vehicle is licensed and insured while if the driver is professionally trained to navigate the city’s traffic along with handling your safety and what charges that trip entails since anyone can scam you and illegally rob off without accountability.

Reserving an Ercan Havalimani transfer in Kibris with a respectable company like Falak Transfers guarantees a worry-free and safe experience. From the moment you’re picked up from Kibris Havalimani, you can be sure that your trip through Cyprus will be hassle-free and safe thanks to the well-maintained cars and professionally trained drivers.

● Maximum comfort

By booking your transfer beforehand, you are providing yourself with the privilege to choose a vehicle that suits your standard of comfort and checks all your boxes regarding what you consider a convenient and comfortable ride.

If you prefer luxury travel you can opt for high-end premium vehicles such as SUVs or Sudan that offer top-notch services. Other than this, if your priority is to accommodate a wealthy amount of luggage or a large number of people, then minibus and coaches are at your service.

Since availability of such vehicles that specifically adhere to your preferences are fairly limited, it is advised to pre-book or you will be unable to find any at all on reaching the destination.

● Time management

One of your major concerns is simplified when it comes to pre-booking which is time wastage. Much of our trip is often ruined due to last-minute runs and emergency rides to reach your desired destination which in turn minimises your enjoyment to a certain level.

With a pre-booked Kibris transfer you are guaranteed a certain pick-up time without waiting unnecessarily for the ride. Unlike public transport with no assurity of specified time, your booked airport transfer will arrive without delay.

The kibris havalimani transfer services from Cyprus airport qualify these requirements and assist you in your journey with your specified time frame.

● Flexibility

Despite adhering to a fixed time schedule, such private airport transfers also offer flexibility in case of any emergency changes or unexpected change in destination. You can choose your own pick-up and drop off timings that suit your travel plans providing you with a level of convenience which remains unmatched.

This is highly unachievable if decided upon emergency as shifts in schedule need to be negotiated beforehand since the pricing is significantly affected. Transparency with your transfer company is important to be beware of sudden hidden costs that can be revealed last minute.

Our policies regarding flexibility are easy going and convenient, adhering to your standards of a good travel service.


To conclude, pre-booking your airport transfer service significantly enhances the overall travel journey and provides you with an experience that is not only memorable but also makes you look back without any regrets. Having your travel schedule tailored to your needs and convenience is a privilege while travelling in comfortable vehicles is only possible if you book the rides beforehand.

We offer high quality Kibris transfer services from to assist you in your travel journey throughout Cyprus and provide you with utmost comfort when travelling.